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Bloomington Bison Provides Business Update

Wednesday, February 7th
Bloomington Bison Provides Business Update

The Bloomington Bison are pleased to announce that in the first two weeks since formally announcing the team they have:

  • Received dozens of inquiries about partnership opportunities
  • Received over 300 resumes for employment
  • Received deposits for 624 full-season ticket plans
  • Gained over 6,000 social media followers

It has also come to the team’s attention that an independent Facebook fan page has already gained over 800 members and is quite active.

“The reception and support from the community has been incredible. This city clearly has a yearning for professional hockey and October can’t come soon enough,” Sean Hallett, interim team CEO and president said.

The Bison are in the process of building out their front office space at 316 W Washington Street across from Grossinger Motors Arena. The team anticipates being able to occupy the space by March 4th, at which time they will provide a further business update including details surrounding an open house event whereby full-season ticket plan deposit holders will be able to select their seats in person at the arena.